Forest Bathing

Forest bathing originated from the Japanese shinrin-yoku, meaning taking in the forest atmosphere. It was intended to urge folks to spend more time outdoors, especially among the trees. Many cultures, both ancient and modern, have recognized the importance of spending time in nature.

Benefits of Forest Bathing

Benefits of forest bathing include lowered blood pressure, lower heart rate and stress reduction. I can concur with these benefits; a simple walk among the trees increases my sense of well-being. A longer hike increases both mental and physical well-being. Though stress is part of modern, everyday life, we need to take measures to limit it as much as possible; without that effort, depression, anxiety and physical problems could result.

The term forest can be stretched in this context to mean a local park, the seashore or other natural setting. Just being away from the normal routines and man-made environments will be beneficial. Take some deep breaths and really look at and listen to your surroundings. If you hike or walk, do so at a leisurely pace; there is no rush!

Below are several photos I made from the recent year’s travels; my sense of wonder and enjoyment cannot be expressed in words. Hopefully these photos express some of that. See the Portfolio Page for more nature images.

For more information on forest bathing, check out this and other videos on youtube:

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