Nature Walk

It definitely has been a season of firsts! Yesterday we took a nice walk along the river, through the wetlands and into the forest…in mid January! (hover over photo for description)

Pine Siskins

Invasion! We have been invaded by a large flock of spinus pinus, or pine siskins. Literally dozens (over 100?) hang out by the bird feeder and pond for much of the day. We’re not the only place to be invaded…check out this article:

Sunrise Contest Winner

Lake Chatcolet Sunrise I am honored that the sunrise photo below was chosen to be included in the 2021 Calendar from St. Maries Realty, appearing for the month of August. Give Mandi Knapp and crew a call if you have real estate needs anywhere near St. Maries, Idaho. See more lakes, rivers and streams in…

Snow Patterns and Software Filters

We had four or five inches of snow on the ground from recent small storms, but warm temperatures overnight really diminished the level to about half. The patterns of melting snow were evident when I first looked out the kitchen window this morning. The first photo is lightly enhanced using contrast and lighting filters; the…

Rime Ice

We’ve been walking every day, despite the brisk temperatures. This photo shows the rime ice on the trees just northeast of Priest River. To learn more about rime ice, click on the link above. We haven’t had much snow so far this fall…some years it starts in early November. Are we in for more drought?

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