My nature photos have grown from an appreciation of the natural environment instilled by previous trades in the green industry. Most recently, as a landscape designer, visualization of the built landscape taught me much about composition, color, form and light. I work to apply these artistic fundamentals in my photography.

Our Chinook motor home has given us the freedom to travel; it’s built like a tank and has everything we need for comfortable travel and mobile living. Traveling in the RV saves money, allows maximum travel flexibility and freedom, encourages time outdoors, provides unlimited educational opportunities and allows us to unplug from electronic devices.

The pandemic limited our travel for a couple years, though we’ve recently explored some beautiful areas, including Glacier National Park, the Olympic Peninsula, the beautiful Oregon coast and the amazing island of Kauai. We look forward to exploring more of our beautiful state of Idaho as well as the surrounding areas of western Montana, Washington state, Alaska and further north into British Columbia, Canada. I will update our travels in the Blog.

My photos express feelings that I experienced at the time of the shot; composition is key; post processing is limited to minor adjustments that express those feelings. I shoot in RAW, so out of the camera the image is flat, with little color, contrast or depth. Image processing brings life back into the image and is accomplished primarily with the Luminar Neo software.

Photos in the slider below are quick snapshots of our recent travels. Please check out my scenic photos of Idaho and surrounding regions in my portfolio.

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